ICRBM prize

ICRBM Award for oustanding young scientists

The special ICRBM prize will be set up in order to honor the achievements of outstanding yound scientists attending ICRBM 2019.

The awards will be decided by the award committee after the oral and poster presentations.
Young Scientist Awards in ICRBM-2019, consisting of best presentation awards and best poster awards, are intended to honor and encourage outstanding young scientists whose academic achievements and current research works demonstrate a high level of excellence and distinction. The nominee shall not have reached his or her 35th birthday.

1. The award winners will be selected based on their presentation or poster.
2. For best presentation award, each session contain 4 YS labeled speaker (not OR labeled). The session chairmen can nominate one best presentation from the four speakers.
3. For best poster award, the award committee can nominate 10-15 best posters.
4. After final evaluation of the performance and contribution by the award committee, the award winners will be announced in the award ceremony to be held in the afternoon on June 14, 2019.
5. The above rules and procedures may be subject to be modified by the organizing committee of ICRBM-2019.

[Young Scientist Award]

Sponsored by Lepu Medical Techology, Ltd.

Best Presentation Award:

  1. Shaokai Liu

  2. Yujue Zhang

  3. Yufei Ma

  4. Genglei Chu

  5. Huan He

  6. Chun Liu

  7. Jianmin Yang

  8. Xiaomeng Li

Best Poster Award:

  1. Saisai Gu

  2. Yizhou Zhu

  3. Congyang Mao

  4. Zijian Wang

  5. Jun Li

  6. Da Huo

  7. Kairun Zhang

  8. Haowen Qiao

  9. Miaomiao Hu

  10. Mingle Cai

  11. Weihan Tao